Culture - Aviation Excellence

Clarity of purpose and creating an open, honest culture that is not afraid to ask 'why'

Aerospace & Engineering

Large, complex organisations need cultural alignment to enable effective data driven decision making to optimise business intelligence and ultimately maximise output.


Design and execute a 2 year training programme for over 250 senior leaders and their teams (3000 personnel) at an operational military air station. 


Primary focus on cultural change to optimise resources through empowerment and evidence based decision making aligned to strategic outputs. Initially  built an understanding of the primary outputs and overarching strategic requirements of the site, then mapped them to the existing structures, plans and resources. Developed a plan to match resource to requirement and articulated the strategic requirement for additional investment in infrastructure. In parallel, worked with the air station's senior leaders to understand failures in existing behaviours, then developed interventions to change underpinning beliefs to deliver lasting changes to behaviours aligned to strategy. Finally designed two 3 week exercises involving all 3000 employees, to cement cultural change, test data driven decision making and prove viability for further investment.

  • 40% increase in usable flying hours.
  • Secured £50M investment in infrastructure.
  • Reduced key staff turnover from 6% to less than 2%.
"Through setting clear, unambiguous and achievable objectives [the teams] united around a common vision and purpose"  Vice Admiral Keith Blount - Commander of NATO Maritime Command