What We Do

WholeShip support the development of Uncrewed Air Systems (UAS) 'drones' and their associated technologies. We help our clients turn their good ideas and prototypes into 'market-ready' capabilities through our expert consultants and WholeShip's Lizard Range: The most cost effective air test range for UAS in the UK, providing the airspace, facilities and expertise to rapidly develop and certify autonomous air systems.

We also bring experience of complex flight test and operational excellence to support organisations across other sectors with specialist consulting services.  

Our Team

WholeShip's expert team deliver bespoke, value for money solutions with the ability to scale efficiently through our team of in-house experts and wide network of capable associates.  

Lizard Range

WholeShip's Lizard Range is one of the largest air test range in the UK capable of testing autonomous air systems Beyond Visual Line Of Site (BVLOS). 

Located at Predannack Airfield on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, WholeShip brings together unique access to MoD owned segregated airspace, infrastructure and expertise to deliver Lizard Range: The UK’s independent, best and most cost effective UAS Test & Evaluation Facility.

Professional Consulting Services

WholeShip develop practical solutions and executable pathways that ensure our clients balance effectiveness with suitability to deliver adaptable capabilities supported by well trained teams.

Specialists in aviation, strategy development and leadership, we deploy smart, qualified and experienced people to embed with our clients and build teams focused on delivering problem-led solutions to accelerate capability and win.