Major Projects

Effectiveness and excellence through risk management, collaboration & clarity

Accountable & Assured Delivery

Major Programmes require significant experience and leadership to navigate the complexity. Assured delivery requires a deep understanding of fiscal responsibility, sector specific knowledge and the clarity to provide coherence. 


Design the governance structure, risk management process and oversight for a £35Bn strategic programme in a highly regulated environment. Run the Portfolio Management Office (PMO) for Carrier Enabled Power Projection (CEPP).


Investment of time to understand the top down requirements and ambition, balanced against the pressure and complexity of delivery from the bottom up. The principles of honesty, clarity and communication that ensure success in small projects are the same in major programmes; however, their importance is magnified, but their ease of execution is reduced. The sheer mass of information can become overwhelming and this complexity must be met with simplicity, backed up with subject matter expertise and experience. The PMO developed for CEPP relied on clarity of governance, fiscal awareness, leadership and delegation through the maintenance of centralised control and de-centralised execution. 

The CEPP programme met all capability milestones and the PMO design and operation was specifically commended by the Major Projects Authority.