Leadership & Mindset

Optimising the way senior leaders think in complex data rich environments

Pharmaceutical & Medical supplies

Companies in the highly competitive pharmaceutical and medical supply sector need to innovate and evolve whilst maintaining existing outputs critical to national strategic healthcare.


WholeShip worked with ProPopulus to design leadership training for Williams Medical – Part of DCC Vital Group.
Design and deliver an innovative programme to improve empowerment, accountability and decision making in complex, data rich environments.


The programme utilised real experiences and challenges faced by a fighter pilot in combat. These engaging and extreme stories drew the delegates into an abstract situation, resulting in objective analysis to identify clear parallels to their own challenges. The delegates were then led through the design and implementation of practical leadership interventions based on elite aviation principles to enable effective data capture, decision making and continuous improvement.


"WholeShip really listens to what you are trying to achieve and then designs bespoke training which exactly delivers. In our experience this ability to create imaginative bespoke training is rare." 
Orla Dempsey - Learning and Engagement Manager at DCC Vital.
"WholeShip distil incredibly complex subjects into key points and behaviours that are applicable in any business or environment...I cannot recommend highly enough!"
Hayley Hale - Head of Demand Planning at Williams Medical Supplies.