Science & Technology in Defence

Where data driven business intelligence is a matter of life and death 

Science & Technology in Defence

Modern warfare leads the development of technology in the field of data collection, analytics & AI to enable shared picture and collaborative working aligned to a common strategic goal. It is literally a case of life and death.


Design an evidence-based business strategy for a major international defence company to meet the data transfer, training, testing and operational effectiveness needs for UK defence and international allies.


Initially understand existing and future data collection and transfer capabilities then match these to operational decision-making requirements. Build a strategy around the fundamental requirement to ensure decision makers have access to prioritised data, preventing information saturation and improving the decision making process. Identify the need to train data scientists in strategic decision making and leaders in the framing of data capture requirements. Designed a programme to train the art and science of modern business intelligence.

Strategy accepted by the Board and is being implemented.