Capability Acceleration Through Test & Evaluation

Our Vision: To transform ideas & prototypes into ‘market ready Uncrewed Air Systems (UAS).

Our Mission: Create the environment to support a UAS technology cluster in Cornwall with national & global reach.

Our Target: Independent flight test & analysis in a representative & controlled environment.

Lizard Range 

WholeShip's Lizard Range is one of the largest ranges in the UK capable of testing autonomous air systems Beyond Visual Line Of Site (BVLOS).

Located at Predannack Airfield on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, WholeShip brings together unique access to MoD owned segregated airspace, infrastructure and expertise to deliver Lizard Range: The UK’s independent, best and most cost effective UAS Test & Evaluation Facility.

Lizard Range


WholeShip's Lizard Range has access to over 5500km² of segregated airspace over land & sea from surface to 55,000 feet.
Geographically induced micro climates generate different but predictable sea states and winds throughout the range, making flight test more efficient.
Lizard Range delivers representative and controlled environments for safe & cost effective BVLOS testing of UAS.

Lizard Range


Situated directly inside segregated airspace and only 600m from the sea, Lizard Range is the perfect location for safe and effective UAS BVLOS operations.
Access to Predannack's 700 acre site with 4 runways, a variety of operating surfaces and the ATC Tower.
Lizard range has purpose built hangars & offices to support the maintenance, training, test, evaluation and analysis of UAS 'drones' all year round.

Lizard Range


WholeShip provide experienced personnel to assist in developing practical strategies to accelerate capability development through safe and effective test coordination; Planning, Execution and Analysis.WholeShip has also partnered with the UK Ministry of Defence and the Cornwall Space Cluster to create a regional knowledge transfer environment  for the aerospace and space industry.